The Art of Giving a Truly Relaxing Erotic Massage

First of all, determine who will be the receiver and who the giver. If you are the giver, invite your partner to lay down with the back facing you on a bed, massage table or blanket put on the ground.

Make sure that your partner is comfortable and warm. Now, sit on the ground and lay your hands on your partner gently.

An erotic massage is your unique chance to be attuned to your partner and honour him or her. Breathing with your partner is one of the many ways to be truly attuned.

Using a feather, fur or simply your fingertips, awaken your partner’s body by making light strokes.

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Once you find yourself ready to start, take warm oil and massage all over your partner’s body using long but slow movements.

Massage is rarely about just the body surface, and much more about connecting on a deeper level. Encourage your partner to breathe deeply, move the body a little, and make various sounds, in order to let the energy associated with his or her body move, awaken and get released.

Be creative with your approach. Playfully massage your partner using various parts of the body, like arms, chest, hair etc.

After about half of the total time you decided to dedicate to massaging passes, ask your partner to rotate his or her body. Massage the rest of his or her body as described above.

Once your partner seems ready, explore his or her genital area. When it comes to SkyDancing Tantra, the vagina is referred to as ‘Yoni’, meaning ‘Cosmic Matrix’, while the penis is referred to as ‘Vajra’, meaning ‘Thunderbolt’.

yoni massage

At first concentrate only on the outer genital area, making gentle and slow motions. Let your partner release all tension existing in the region before moving forward.

Consider your partner’s reactions by listening to his or her body well. What makes him or her aroused? What type of strokes gives your partner the most pleasure?

Be creative with your strokes, testing different types of movements. In case internal massage is on your list, use lubricant that is water-based.

End with the help of spooning together, while you connect both the heart centres using compassion, love and gratitude.

After helping your partner sit up or rise, finally end the process by offering Heart Salutation. Give your partner delicious juice or water to sip, along with fruit or chocolate to eat.

5 Steps to Achieving a Wonderful Erotic Massage Experience

Giving or receiving erotic massage is one of the finest ways of relaxing and connecting deeply with someone. It is a way of exploring fulfilling pleasure with an intimate friend or lover. When choosing the path associated with Tantra, the body is not only honoured, but also celebrated like a delightful temple. Being an alternative to lovemaking, erotic massage can help you explore and express erotic energy in fresh ways.

Primarily, there are 5 steps you need to follow:

Prepare the right way

Create an ambience of love by lighting beautiful candles, and by putting on romantic relaxing music. Make sure that your space is quiet, the phones are off, and you have no chance of getting disturbed during the 2 hours to follow.

Take the first step

Heart Salutation, an ancient practice associated with Tantra to acknowledge the Divide, should be the first step before entering into your sacred duration. Sitting across from the partner, look straight into his or her eyes. Keep your palms together and extend the arms toward earth. Inhale deeply, while brining the hands kept together to the heart. Bow forward, exhaling deeply, to acknowledge the Divine in your partner. While returning to straight position, inhale. Finally, as you return the hands to keep them pointed toward earth, exhale. Throughout the process, maintain eye contact with your partner.

Create a Bubble

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Get into the present and be aware about it using The Bubble. Create your self-space by making a bubble using your arms to surround yourself and your lover. Get rid of unnecessary thing like anger, worry, the past etc. from your bubble by gesturing like you are removing physical objects. Also, loudly speak what specifically you are getting rid of. On the other hand, things like presence, love, trust etc. that help you connect should be called in with gestures and words. For example, say things like “I release all worries”, “I embrace trust” etc.

Share what is inside

After creating The Bubble, communicate your desires, boundaries, as well as fears, associated with receiving or giving the massage. When you speak, your partner should listen carefully without commenting and judging. You should do the same. Communicate like “I desire to remain connected with the erotic energy”, “I fear I may sleep and you will be disappointed” etc.

Set healthy boundaries

Boundaries are not walls. Instead, boundaries in reality are bridges which create intimacy between two people. When you honour the boundaries set by another person, intimacy grows and the other person feels safer. Both of you also feel very present, and open to the idea of exploration. Note that it is important to consider your feelings from time to time as boundaries may change. In case you feel like your boundary is not the same anymore, communicate that to your partner. Do not expect your partner to read or understand what is in your mind.